This is a private guide to my home town Samara in European Russia. I’ll write about its attractions and what travellers to Samara can expect. My mission is to promote and position Samara as one of the leading tourist destinations in Russia for both leisure and business.

Hopefully, this guide makes you want to travel to Samara. If you do so, please contact me to get any additional information, personalised travel tips, or book me as your personal guide. In the latter case please let me know your arrival details so that I can check my availability. All guided tours are on foot but may include portions by public transport. In the latter case costs of using public transport are borne by participants individually.

I can be reached via email. Just drop me a line and I’ll reply shortly.

If you are a hotel, hostel, bar, restaurant, café, museum, club, etc. owner and would like your establishment featured on our site please contact me at the email above. I’ll gladly take photos as well.

All texts and photos here belong to the author (unless otherwise specified) and are protected by law. No part of this site, including photos and text, can be reproduced in any media (including but not limited to web-sites, the media, printed media and promotional materials) without prior written consent from Samara Guru. Samara Guru must be credited as a source with an active hyperlink to the site.

All trademarks and logos, except those of Samara Guru, remain properties of their respective owners and are reproduced here solely with informational and educational purposes. If you are the owner and your logo has changed please let us know and we will be happy to update it (as well as any information about your company).

Samara Guru Logo

Samara Guru Logo

Если вы — владелец гостиницы, хостела, бара, ресторана, кафе, клуба или иного заведения, предлагающего услуги туристам, свяжитесь со мной по указанному выше электронному адресу, чтобы разместить информацию на сайте. Фотографии за мной.

Все тексты и фотографии на сайте принадлежат автору Samara Guru (если не указано иное). Любое воспроизведение текстовых и фото материалов на других сайтах, в средствах массовой информации, печатных и электронных изданиях, рекламных и маркетинговых материалах без предварительного письменного согласия Samara Guru запрещено. Во всех случаях требуется указывать источник заимствования и активную гиперссылку на сайт Samara Guru.


Background pattern from Subtle Patterns.


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