Samara Korolev National Research University

Samara National Research University main building

Samara Korolev National Research University (Samara University) is the leading university in Samara with a rich history of two former universities and a particular focus on aerospace engineering.

Samara University Logo

Brief History

Kuibyshev Aviation Institute was founded in 1942 with the goal of training engineers for the aviation industry. Since 1957, the Institute began training specialists in rocket and space technology. In 1967, the institute was named after Sergey Korolev, and in 1992 renamed again the Samara State Aerospace University. Kuibyshev State University was founded in 1966. The grand opening took place on October 17, 1969. In 2015-2016 Samara State Aerospace University and Samara State University were united as the Samara National Research University (Samara University).

Samara National Research University main building and Buran model

Samara National Research University main building and Buran model


Institute of Aeronautical Engineering
Design and manufacturing of aircraft, aviation equipment testing and operation, aircraft operations safety, transportation management and logistics. Graduates also work as engineers of compressor stations on main gas pipelines and gas processing plants.

Institute of Engine and Power Plant Engineering
Power engineering, engine building (for aviation and space programs), automation of technological processes and production.

Institute of Space Rocket Engineering
Design, construction, production, and operation of rocket and space technology.

Institute of Economics and Management
Economics, management, personnel management, public administration, and logistics.

Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities
Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Philology and Journalism, Faculty of History, Faculty of Sociology.
Psychology, pedagogy, advertising and public relations, journalism, television and publishing, linguistics and translation, history, sociology and social work, philosophy.

Institute of Natural Science
Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Chemistry.
Fundamental physics, optics and laser physics, chemical physics, solid state physics and semiconductor nanoelectronics, applied and fundamental chemistry, biology, biochemistry, bioecology, molecular biology.

Institute of IT, Mathematics, and Electronics
Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Electronics and Instrument Engineering.
Fundamental mathematics and mechanics, information and computer security, applied mathematics and computer science, computer technology, radio engineering, electronics design and technology, radio electronic systems and complexes, biotechnical systems and technology, laser technology.

Faculty of Law
State, civil, international, criminal law, criminology, legal support of business.

Museum of Aviation and Aeronautics

Individual admission or guided tours (booking required). ID required for admission.

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri – 10 am – 5 pm
Wed – 10 am – 6 pm
Sat, Sun – only groups of 30+ if booked in advance

+7 846 267-43-76, +7 846 267-43-75;

Samara National Research University main building

Samara National Research University main building


34 Moskovskoye Shosse, Samara 443086
Tel.: +7 846 335-18-26

International Office
Tel.: +7 846 267-43-73
Fax: +7 846 334-57-22


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