Strukovsky Garden

Strukovsky Garden entrance, Samara

Strukovsky Public Garden is the oldest park in Samara. It is nestled in the city centre, between the Volga and Chapaev Square with its Drama Theatre. The park was laid as a private garden in the early 19th c. by Grigory Strukov. The garden was further enlarged. But with time the garden was neglected and changed the owners until the city got it. It was officially opened for public in 1849-1851. Later two other adjacent private gardens were acquired.

It was one of the first places in the city to get street lighting. In 1936 the garden became City Park and was named after Maxim Gorky. (Irony is we had two parks with the title “Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after Maxim Gorky” in Kuybyshev.) In the 1990s the original name – Strukovsky Garden – was returned.

Strukovsky Garden fountain, Samara

Strukovsky Garden fountain, Samara

Most of the park is a nice place for tranquil walks along shady alleys, down several stairs running towards the Volga. You can sit on benches or in the summer time admire a small fountain with a boy and a girl sculpture at the main entrance on the corner of Krasnoarmeyskaya and Kuybysheva streets. There is a covered summer theatre which is mostly closed. On the river side of the park there was a city swimming-pool Chaika, of which only ruins remain. Children may like several fun rides and place for skate-boarders at the northern end of the park from which parents can escape to the Zhiguli Brewery.

On the last weekend in May Strukovsky Garden hosts media representatives at the Press Fest. In August Flower Fest used to take place in the park, when numerous garden societies, clubs and private persons sell flowers, plants, seeds and showcase their horticultural endeavours along with rich festive entertainment. But the Flower Fest was moved to another park a few years ago.

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